We know everyone's needs and goals can be very different, so please give us a call to discuss and we will assist you in reaching your goals.


We have developed a unique program called "Rider Makeover" that will enhance your riding abilities and is thoroughly enjoyable.

It's a really FUN way to learn.


Give us a call 702-395-1519.

" I used to ride when I was young, but now that I am older and back into horses I decided I needed some help. I have to say Shawn has been wonderful and so knowledgeable. I didn't realize how much I had forgotten."

                                                        – Mary J.


"Shawn is such a gentle soul with the horses and with me. She has been working first with my horse and now me. What a difference now that I know exactly what to do. I am so much more comfortable with everything now and much thanks to Shawn."

                                                     – Linda W.


"My daughter has been taking lessons for a few months now, she is doing so well with Shawn. She has taken lessons from another here in town and did not do very well at all, she was always frustrated and crying, now she loves her lessons and her horse. We are all happy thanks to Shawn!"

                                                         – Ann C.



"Just bought a horse that was supposed to be one a child could ride. Not sure what happened to him but, I sure wouldn't put a child on him. I was about to look for another when I met Shawn. She said she would see what she could do, so she did an assessment and all went pretty well. I enrolled him into her program. Now we are both so much calmer and I can even ride him out on trails and do everything. I am so grateful to Shawn for all her help."

                                                        – Kim M.






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